Transcript Productions

Transcript Productions

Our certified professional court reporters/transcriptionists deliver excellence in prompt production of transcripts. Let us help you with a full range of services, including:

  • Rough drafts
  • Real-time translations *
  • Keyword indexes
  • Expedited transcripts
  • Condensed transcripts
  • Audio transcriptions from cassettes, DVDs, CDs, digital media
  • ACT Transcriptions (Authorized Court Transcriptionist) (MAG - Ministry of the Attorney General)

* Real-time translations are made available in Caseview, which allows immediate transcript viewing as proceedings occur. A free downloadable, easy-to-use transcript viewer is available upon request.

ACT Transcription Orders:

Verbatim Reporting Services now has Authorized Court Transcriptionists to produce MAG - Ministry of the Attorney General transcripts.  For your ease of selecting an Authorized Court Transcriptionist, and to ensure that your transcript is delivered in a timely manner, let our office select one of our transcriptionists  to transcribe your next transcript.

To submit your Order Form:

Download the Order Form and fill it out from number 1 – 5.    Save a copy of your newly filled form to your computer in a location you can easily retrieve it from. Add any special comments or requests in the body of your email.  Then email  your  document to us at [email protected].  We will contact you after it is received.

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